Sunday, April 24, 2011

At a Restaurant

I see the father hold his little girl's hand
while her limbs flayed and her head
lolled to one side. When her hair fell in front
of her face he fixed her barrette and kissed
her cheek. Balancing talking to his two small
boys he filled a plastic tube with liquid and fed
the child through the tube into a space on her body
marked for feeding. When the plates arrived he
cut his son's burger in half, took a fry from his own plate,
blew on it to cool and held it for the child bound in a wheelchair.
She laughed and sucked and nibbled the fry.

Lord, please fill this father with your Spirit.
And Lord, I've worked with children who are denied
the ease of childhood. I pray, Lord, that she finds
splashes of color wherever she goes.

I recall watching a play where no one spoke words,
and wheels moved the characters from place to place.
A mother standing next to me said, "My daughter
was so excited. She's the child in the blue dress."

Lord, give this child a place to sing, a place to move about.

Linda Watskin
Day 24 Poetic Asides Prompt


  1. So beautiful....I echo this prayer!!

  2. Silent and beautiful. Linda this piece moves my heart. One of my colleagues has a daughter this piece evokes for me. It is lovely and heartfelt. Thank you for your prayer. With song and freedom,

  3. You made me cry. It's so beautiful. A lovely, lovely message told so well, such restraint, no sentimentality or pity. Thank you so much.

  4. A wonderful poem. You have done justice to the prompt and the people you write about.

  5. Thank you for your comments-- they mean a lot to me.