Friday, April 29, 2011

To Center

Our relationship,
a gyroscope held in place
by your inquisitiveness
reminding me that your love is given
to the stalwart and the weak
to the crested and the dull
to those who gallop
and those who limp

We meet this afternoon,
a humid day
Frenzied and breathless
I tell you that we only have a few minutes
Then I stop talking, say nothing
and a quiet hovers, obliterating
the drain of the week.

I am centered in your love

Linda Watskin
Day 29 Poetic Asides Prompt &Big Tent prompt


  1. Beautiful. Being centered in that love is the best place to be.

  2. confident one, bless you.
    you deserve happiness.

    Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your input is valued.

    Happy Friday!
    Hope to see you in!