Saturday, April 30, 2011

When My Friend Left a Marriage

She relied on cinematic memory and pruning shears
to fit twenty years into boxes
and sort out what is
and what is not needed

boxes of soft-backed books with loosened glue spines,
four Chinese bowls from Hong Kong,
three non-immersable electric appliances

She takes eighteen photographs
in silver toned frames
In one a birch tree strains
to stand. separate from underbrush
and unending hedges.
" I felt that way," she tells me as I
pack the Chinese bowls

The first day in her new house
I help her hang a photo of two Bennington rockers
next to a sampler she copied
from one done two hundred years ago

The first Sunday she invites friends for brunch
I bring damson jelly, someone brings scones

Near the window a plant in an earthenware pot
gathers in the sun
New leaves unwrap

Linda Watskin
Day 30 Poetic Asides


  1. Great write about new beginnings, with that look back over her shoulder....well done!

  2. leaves unwrap...

    what a beautiful image

  3. That last line opens up so many possibilities.

  4. the freshness
    of a new space
    and sunlight =)

  5. rebirth of love and life is divine,
    bittersweet piece.
    well done.