Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I is for Intense

I passed this woman taking photos. She stopped in front of a rock, moved into a variety of contortions and with complete intensity started taking photos.

Actually I don't know if she took one or many photos and I 'm not sure of the subject.


  1. Interesting! I am now your follower Linda!

    Insects is my letter I. Hope you can drop by!

  2. Imagine that. She is certainly seeing something worth seeing. ;) Great capture!

  3. She certainly is intense....You couldn't capture the word in a picture any better. Great job.... Maybe it was a "bug" she was interested in....haha

  4. Hmmm she is very intense and looks very intriguing what she is taking photo. ^_^

    I am In

  5. It looks like there is something on the rock??? I love mysteries!