Wednesday, October 5, 2011

L is for lupines

Corea, Maine

"Corea Maine located in Hancock County on the southeastern part of the Gouldsboro Peninsula, is a classic Downeast Maine fishing village. Small and quiet with excellent harbor views of lobster boats and other vessels, it is actually part of the municipality of Gouldsboro."

Wild lupines can be found in fields, along the road, close to water— in fact this June they were prolific. Gardeners do plant lupines, but I like them growing wild and free.


  1. The lupins look lovely against the whitewashed wall.

  2. is THAT what they are called! I see them all the time - pretty.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I like lupines too. I lived in Texas for a few years. There were a lot of them there but they were called "bluebonnets" and they were much smaller than yours. I love photos and poetry. :-))

  4. very beautiful! this year I grew some in my garden, hopefully they will come back next year.