Tuesday, May 1, 2012

P is for Poetry

We just finished Poetry Month. Many of us wrote a poem a day—from April 1st —April 30th.

Found in the Phrontistery

I admit to an addiction
to arcane words and
convoluted play on words.
Once I adopted the word obrumpent
and promised to use it once a day,
to cleanse it of tarnish and rust.
After two days of seeking where to
add an adjective meaning bursting
and thinking that balloons might work
and soap bubbles and bubble gum
I simply ran out of places without
losing a sense of decorum.

If you want to read all my April poems check out this link.
Scroll from April 30th back to April 1st— if you're persistent or simply like poetry.


  1. Fun poem and great for P day. Carver, ABC-Wed. Team

  2. How delightful. I love how all your words just slip off the tongue.

  3. Difficult to work arcane words into everyday conversation, but nice try!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. survived April, and here we are still writing. :-)
    Enjoyed this much.

  5. Now you have me thinking about all the things that burst. Thanks for the new word and a smile too.

  6. A brilliant collection of words.

    P is for Pizzaroni
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

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