Monday, October 14, 2013

N is a New Day

Greet each day as a new day of creation. I took these photos on Columbus Day—a glorious fall day in New England. Walden Pond was definitely a draw.
Several people simply put on a bath suit and went swimming—either a dip or a swim across the pond. Other folks donned wet suits.
The leaves are just beginning to turn.
We had a wonderful walk around the pond—a bit over two miles.


  1. Walden Pond is such a glorious spot, beautiful fall. We are headed to the Ozarks this weekend to see the turning trees.

  2. You had beautiful, sunny weather! That makes autumn look very pleasant.
    Have a great weekend with hopefully bright weather.
    Wil , ABCW Team

  3. It WAS a nice day Monday, wasn't it?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team